Thursday, March 7, 2013

Satisfy your cravings!

The recipe on the package -
I added blueberries and used
coconut oil.
My first blog post ever included a picture of gluten-free blueberry pancakes, but I haven't mentioned them again. Well, I've been having a craving for them and this morning I simply had to satisfy it. Last summer I froze so many of the blueberries I picked at Creekside Farm that I still have a ton in my freezer to use in smoothies, baking and pancakes! I used my favorite gluten-free baking mix from Bella Gluten-Free, followed the pancake recipe on the package (using coconut oil  as the oil) and cooked my pancakes in a pan greased with coconut oil. They were so delicious; the coconut oil added extra yummy, natural flavor.

The batter
Sizzling in the skillet.
Ready to eat and leftovers!   

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